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T.R.O.T.T. Information
( Training to Reach Outlying Territories Today!)

The Training to Reach Outlying Territories Today program is seventy-eight days of intense and unique mission experience. The program is designed to prepare Christians who believe God may be leading them to serve Him in a church-planting ministry amongst a neglected people. The TROTT program combines both academic and practical studies that will aid church planters in backcountry ministry. This program is not for those who want a tourist experience or a taste of adventure. It is not for brethren who want to see if missions are for them. The TROTT experience is for Christians who are already pursuing a life in missionary service. The "trotters" live and eat with good Christian Bolivian families during all but the first week or so of their stay.  Studies will include a mix of both formal and immersion language study with a non-English speaking Bolivian teacher. Classes in New Testament Philosophy of Missions, Church Planting and Establishing, and Practical Missionary Life are also part of the regimen. Trotters will be exposed to varied areas of backcountry missionary life: home life, education of missionary children, deaf ministry, aviation ministry, two way radio communication, backcountry travel, and other areas of church planting ministry.  Near the end of the program they spend a week on their own in the backcountry with Bible study, preaching, teaching, and visiting assignments.
This program is designed for small groups so if you are interested be sure to contact us as soon as possible so you can begin the application process.

TROTT 2017 Dates:

June 22  -  August 11